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Flood Protection Department

Contact: Gary Ferree

Phone: (570) 893-5906

E-mail Address:

The City maintains approximately 6.5 miles of earth levee that consists of 38 drainage structures, 1 sanitary pumping station, 5 ponding areas, 5 closure structures, and several recreation areas. The construction of the levee system was completed in October of 1994 at a cost of $84.4 million. Ground-breaking had occurred in 1991.

The 5 closure structures are located at the Jay Street Bridge and the Pennsylvania Canal, with the remaining 3 structures located at spots along the railroad. The closure structures are tested individually on a yearly basis. Every October, the Army Corps of Engineers conducts a full inspection of the levee to ensure it is in good condition.

Along a 2.25 mile stretch of the levee is a walkway fully supplied with benches, trash receptacles, and lighting. A recreational pavilion with bath house and beach are located near the end of Vesper Street.

A canoe portage service is located near the dam so boaters may traverse to the river below the dam.

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